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  • An Ultimate Guide to Potentiometer (POT)

    For electronic engineers, in order to measure the unknown voltage, potentiometer will be utilized. So, what is a potentiometer? What kinds of characteristics do potentiometers have? What is Construction of Potentiometer? And how do electronic engineers use pot

    Posted on:01-26 View:3198
  • What is Resistance? All You Need to Know

    Resistance is one of the fundamental concepts in electricity and plays a key role in an electrical circuit. For electronic engineers and people who need to do with electricity and circuit, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of resistance. So, here come s

    Posted on:01-18 View:3195
  • 3 Main Types of Passive Transducers You Should Know about

    A passive transducer is an electronic device that produces a change in some passive electrical quantity, for example, capacitance, resistance, or inductance. Basically, a passive transducer needs extra electrical energy as the result of the stimulation. However,

    Posted on:01-18 View:2276
  • N-Channel MOSFET Basics

    A N-Channel MOSFET is a type of MOSFET in which the channel of the MOSFET is composed of a majority of electrons as current carriers. When the MOSFET is activated and is on, the majority of the current flowing are electrons moving through the channel. This is in contrast to the other typ

    Posted on:01-06 View:3336
  • The Basics: Single-Ended and Differential Signaling

    First, we have to learn some basics about what single-ended signaling is before we can go over differential signaling and its characteristics. Single-Ended Signaling Single-ended signaling is a simple and common way of transmitting an electrical signal from a sender to

    Posted on:01-06 View:3687
  • PMOS and NMOS Transistors

    Microprocessors are built of transistors. In particular, they are constructed out of MOS transistors. MOS is an acronym for Metal-Oxide Semiconductor. There are two types of MOS transistors: pMOS (positive-MOS) and nMOS (negative-MOS). Every pMOS and nMOS comes equipped with three main component

    Posted on:01-06 View:6422
  • Zener diode failure modes-difference between Open diode and short or s...

    This page describes zener diode failure modes viz. open and short. It compares open diode vs shorted diode and mentions difference between open diode and shorted or short diode failure conditions. Introduction: • As we know zener diode is specially designed highly doped p-n junction diod

    Posted on:01-06 View:3412
  • Different Types of Overvoltage & How to Protect Against Them

    Different Types of Overvoltage & How to Protect Against Them Electricity literally lights your way through the darkness, but it also supports every appliance, provides hot water through your water heater

    Posted on:01-06 View:1447
  • Choosing a Current-Limiting Resistor

    Introduction Current-limiting resistors are placed in a circuit to ensure that the amount of current that flows does not exceed what the circuit can safely handle. When current flows through a resistor, there is, in accordance with Ohm's Law, a corresponding voltage drop across the

    Posted on:01-06 View:2070
  • Forward Bias vs. Reverse Bias and their Effects on Diode Functionality

    Since the day my mother surprised me with the first home computer for Christmas back in, well, let's just say a long time ago, I've been intrigued by the technology. Anyway, at the time, I was the envy of every fellow geek, nerd, and teacher at my school. There I was with an

    Posted on:01-06 View:5207
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