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  • What is VSWR and how to measure VSWR?

    "VSWR in antenna theory stands for voltage standing wave ratio, also known as standing wave ratio (SWR). VSWR is a measurement of the standing wave level on a feeder line. RF engineers know that a very important issue when studying feeder/transmission lines is Standing

    Posted on:03-12 View:14139
  • How to Recycle A Waste Printed Circuit Board? | Things You Should Know

    "Waste printed circuit board pollution has become a severe problem throughout the world, how to recycle the waste PCB and what is needed to know? We cover all you need on this page!" The progress of science and technology f

    Posted on:04-02 View:48
  • PCB Terminology Glossary (Beginners-Friendly) | PCB Design

    "Are you confused with some printed circuit boards terminologies and looking for the pcb terminology definitions? In this page, we will bring you the most complete list of terminology in pcb design, yet some of them are the most common parts such as THM and S

    Posted on:04-01 View:51
  • PCB Design | PCB Manufacturing Process Flow Chart, PPT, and PDF

    "Getting tired of reading PCB fabrication process word by word? Why not try these free-download PCB manufacturing process flow Charts, PPT, and PDF? You won't be charged anything from FMUSER, the only thing at all to do is to forward this page! ----- FMUSE

    Posted on:03-31 View:74
  • Through Hole vs Surface Mount | What is the Difference?

    " What are the advantages and disadvantages of Through-Hole Mounting (THM) and Surface-Mount Technology (SMT)? What are the main differences and commons between THM and SMT? And Which is better, THM or SMT? We hereby show you the the differences between Thr

    Posted on:03-22 View:60
  • What is Printed Circuit Board (PCB) | All You Need to Know

    "PCB, also known as a printed circuit board, is made of different sheets of a non-conductive material, is used to physically support and connect the surface-mounted socketed components. But, what are the functions of a PCB board? Read the followi

    Posted on:03-19 View:1707
  • Know RF Better: The Advantages and disadvantages of AM, FM, and Radio ...

    "What are the advantages and disadvantages of AM and FM? This article will use the most common and easy-to-understand language and give you a detailed introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of AM (Amplitude Modulation), FM (Frequency Modul

    Posted on:02-04 View:67355
  • Simple and Budget DIY - How to Make An FM Transmitter?

    Are you reluctant to buy FM radio broadcast transmitters because of the high price and not familiar with the working principle? Why not DIY a simple and practical FM radio broadcast transmitter or FM transmitter first? This tutorial will give you a detail

    Posted on:03-30 View:7905
  • PCB Manufacturing Process | 16 Steps to Make a PCB Board

    "PCB fabrication is very important in PCB industry, it is closely related to the PCB design, but do you really know the all the PCB fabrication steps in the PCB production? In this share, we will show you 16 steps in the PCB manufacturing process. Includi

    Posted on:03-20 View:84
  • How to Measure SWR on the AM Radio by Your Own?

    How to measure SWR? What equipment is needed? The following content will introduce you in details about how to measure SWR on your radio on your own! 1) AM Radio Trouble Shooting You will need these: SWR meter, short jumper coax 3 foot

    Posted on:03-15 View:42
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