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  • Improving the Two-Way Radio Range

    One of the most persistent challenges of using two-way radios (walkie-talkies) is moving out of two-way radio range and cutting off your conversation. You can’t fight physics – under specific conditions, radio signals travel in highly specific ways. If you violate these principles, yo

    Posted on:04-03 View:3
  • Bridge Community Fellowship hold their outdoor drive-in services in th...

    The Bridge Community Fellowship held their local church services in their parking lot, as the congregation sat safely inside their cars and listened to the ‘Word of God’ from Pastor Joe Altman via a FM transmitter . When it was mandated by Kentucky Go

    Posted on:04-01 View:9
  • Holds ‘Drive-in’ Church Sunday to Allow for Worship Amid Coronavirus S...

    Kevin Finch opens his prepackaged communion during Shadle Park Presbyterian Church's "Drive-In Worship" service in the parking lot of the church on Sunday, March 22, 2020 in Spokane, Wash. Due to the state ban on all gatherings of 10 people or more to prevent

    Posted on:04-01 View:7
  • How to Make Your Own Drive-In Movie Theater

    In the 1930s, New Jersey inventor Richard Hollingshead mounted a Kodak projector on the hood of his car and created the drive-in movie theater. To test his concept, he displayed films against a sheet he nailed to some trees in his backyard. Thus was a lifestyle of

    Posted on:04-01 View:9
  • Church Holds Drive-in Services - FMUSER 1W FM Transmitter

    Many churchs in all over the world is holding drive-in services in its parking lot as it practices social distancing to slow down the coronavirus pandemic. So many people gathered in their cars outside the church for the first drive-in service, with more joining the service . Th

    Posted on:03-31 View:6
  • Coronavirus: Honks instead of hallelujahs as Orange Park church conduc...

    Instead of a pulpit overlooking a sanctuary, the band and pastors operated from the back of a flatbed truck overlooking an asphalt parking lot. The church use FM transmitter to transmission their voice through an FM transmitter, and instead of pews, the con

    Posted on:03-31 View:2
  • 7 Surprising Things People Miss About Drive-In Movie Theaters

    Hot summer nights, wide open spaces, schlocky B movies -- there was a time when going to the drive-in movie was a staple of the American experience. Though there are still some around, it's largely a part of our past. Let's take a drive down memory lane.

    Posted on:03-31 View:6
  • Drive-In and worship: Church plans service without leaving car

    GRAYSON, Ky. (KT) – The members of Wilson Creek Missionary Baptist Church will be attending a service Sunday morning without getting out of the car. Wilson Creek, affectionately called “The Creek” by members, will be having a Drive-In service on the bottomlan

    Posted on:03-31 View:26
  • A Lincoln church holds a drive-in Sunday Service during quarantines

    Elevate Church in Lincoln held its first drive-in church service. Members could tune in their radios to 96.3 FM. At that station, they can hear their pastor preach and watch from the comfort of their vehicles, with one FM transmitter that can may drive-in chu

    Posted on:03-31 View:5
  • You are here: Home U.S. Evangelist Rodney Howard-Browne Arrested f...

    Several churches are trying a new kind of service—one that is completely safe during the coronavirus pandemic. They're calling it "drive-in church." Paul Daugherty, pastor of Victory church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, shared the results of his innovat

    Posted on:03-31 View:5
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