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  • dB, dBm, dBW, dBc Basics: What's the Difference between them?

    In RF and microwave measurements, it is common to use units such as dB, dBm, dBc and dBW. These terms can appear confusing but are actually pretty straightforward to understand. In this short article we’ll cover the difference between these terms and settle thi

    Posted on:10-26 View:22
  • High S.W.R. protection for transceivers and amplifiers

    This system may be used to protect any transceiver and any external amplifier from damage due to high s.w.r. operation. You can reduce replacement costs and increase your rig's operating life. A long with the fun of operating a modern trans

    Posted on:10-14 View:42
  • How Drive In Church Services turn parking lots into Places of Worship

    How Drive In Church Services turn parking lots into Places of Worship This pandemic has affected us all in so many different ways, but the larger alteration of everyday life falls upon all kinds of public gatherings. Some of them, like movie theater show

    Posted on:10-12 View:30
  • Radio for Churches during Coronavirus

    In the pandemic, many churches are turning to radio to broadcast a sermon to parishoners in their cars in the parking lot. It's a clever idea, but difficult to do legally. Background The coronavirus pandemic and t

    Posted on:10-12 View:27
  • Precautions for driving worship during the epidemic

    With stay-at-home orders in place for nearly every state, ministries are searching for creative ways to host worship services. Many ministries are choosing to livestream or host pre-recorded services. Some ministries are hosting drive-in worship

    Posted on:10-12 View:18
  • FCC Won’t Raise Unlicensed Power Levels for Churches

    Churches in the United States should not look to the Federal Communications Commission to ease power restrictions on unlicensed radio signals that many churches now use to reach congregations. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has replied to a letter from Rep.

    Posted on:10-12 View:21
  • What Is 'Part 15?'

    What's all this stuff about LowFERs, MedFERs and HiFERs? Well, LowFER stands for Low Frequency Experimental Radio, and MedFER stands for Medium Frequency Experimental Radio, and HiFERs operate in even higher frequency

    Posted on:10-12 View:34
  • 4 Simple FM Transmitter Circuits Explained

    An FM transmitter circuit is a high frequency wireless device which is able to transmit voice signals into atmosphere so that it can be received by a corresponding FM receiver circuit for reproducing the voice signals in a loudsp

    Posted on:10-12 View:34
  • What Is A Transmitter And Its Type ?

    Many people don’t know what an FM transmitter is, how it works, and what type of function it does. Next, I will give you a thorough understanding of the following four points.

    Posted on:10-10 View:83
  • Introduction & Review of FMUSER-STL System

    Content 1. Backgro und Information 2 . 4 Es se ntial Part s of FMUSE R-STL System 3. FM USER-STL S yste m M eans More tha n Just Communicating 4

    Posted on:10-10 View:59
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