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  • Roland Updates AIRA Family

    Roland has released version 1.1 software for the entire AIRA family, including the TR-8, TB-3, SYSTEM-1, and VT-3. The free update features enhancements to the entire line, including backup and restore capabilities, and improved MIDI management. Individual products also received e

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  • Tieline G5-POTS-MOD

    Enables a Plain Old Telephone Line (POTS) for the G5 CodecsBSW PART: G5-POTS-MOD The G5-POTS-MOD enables a Plain Old Telephone Line (POTS) for the G5 Codecs. Two POTS modules can be installed and two POTS audio streams are supported in mult

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  • Roland Includes Free SH-101 Plug-Out Software with SYSTEM-1

    Purchase a Roland SYSTEM-1 and you’ll receive a free SH-101! (A virtual version, that is.) New plug-out SH-101 software has been released, that turns the SYSTEM-1 into a perfect replica of one of the most popular classic synthesizers of all time, the SH-101. A coupon is included w

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  • DEVA Broadcast DB90-RX

    IP Audio DecoderBSW PART: DB90-RX DEVA Broadcast DB90-RXDEVA Broadcast DB90-RX The DB90-RX is an integrated client for IP transmitted digital audio signal, designed to support HE-AAC and MPEG-1 Layer 3 compressed audio streams, and PCM uncompressed stream f

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  • Yamaha Updates MOXF with iOS Support

    Yamaha has released version 1.10 of the MOXF workstation operating system. The new version supports connection of the MOXFs to iOS devices using the Apple Camera Connection kit. iOS connection supports audio routing to and from iOS device; playing audio from the iOS device out thro

    Posted on:01-18 View:0

    Handi CouplerBSW PART: HC-1 The HC-1 gives you the simplest, quickest, most convenient way to connect audio to a telephone. The HC-1 connects in series with the handset of any telephone using modular connectors. External audio is connected via 1/4" connector

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  • Pedal of the Day: Korg Nuvibe Vibrato Chorus Pedal

    To say that the Korg Nuvibe is an exact replica of the original Uni-Vibe would be selling it short. Korg worked directly with the developer of the original Uni-Vibe pedal, Fumio Mieda, and copied his circuit as closely as possible to bring the truest Uni-Vibe feel and sound and

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  • Remote2Go Package 14

    RemoteMix 3.5 w/ 2 HMD26-II Headsets and Waterproof CaseBSW PART: REMOTE2GO-14 BSW brings you the Exclusive Remote2Go Package! With a JK Audio Remote mixer, 2 headsets, and waterproof Gator case! Save big on this amazing bundle!

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  • Tieline GENIE Distribution with Wheatnet-IP

    STL & IP Codec With Wheatnet IPBSW PART: GENIE-DISTRO-WHEATNETIP Tieline GENIE Distribution with Wheatnet-IPTieline GENIE Distribution with Wheatnet-IP Tieline GENIE Distribution with Wheatnet-IP Figure 1*This version includes Wheatnet-IP Option Gen

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  • Keyboard of the Day: CME Xkey 25-key Mobile Keyboard Controller

    The CME Xkey is a portable solution for making music on your laptop or tablet. This 25-key, ultra-slim profile, controller is not a toy by any stretch. This is a true keyboard featuring full-size keys in a precision-cut aluminum chassis that provide comfortable separation and natur

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