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  • How do a FM Transmitter Work for Drive in Movie Theater?

    Do you want customers to come and watch movies during this special COVID-19 period? I guess you do, but how to make sure customers don’t get infect there. You need to prepare a place which allow people drive in, that way, people can stay in their car to see the mov

    Posted on:03-27 View:2
  • Abilene Catholic churches alter procedures as precautions against coro...

    A rendering of coronavirus via the CDC The Diocese of San Angelo, which is the parent church of Catholic churches in Abilene and the Big Country, is launching several changes and procedures to help quell the potential spread of the novel coronavirus.

    Posted on:03-27 View:2
  • Pews empty, churches still on

    ASHLAND Staying connected is the priority for churches in the area as services and programs are canceled and events are postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. For example, Keith Katterheinrich, pastor at South Ashland United Methodist Church, wants to

    Posted on:03-27 View:2
  • Churches go back to the future with drive-in services in the time of t...

    Pathway Baptist Church holds a worship service at the Calvert Drive-In Theatre, Sunday, March 22, 2020, in Calvert City, Kentucky. Attendees remained in their vehicles. Photo by Nathan Brandon/Studio 270 Media There was a smattering of honks in place

    Posted on:03-27 View:2
  • How to Be the Ideal Drive-in Movie Patron

    Drive-in movie theaters may seem like a relic of the past, but there are actually still around 300 scattered throughout the country. Whether you want to relive your childhood of cramming into the way-back of your parents’ station wagon, or are going to one for the

    Posted on:03-27 View:1
  • Living Hope Church hosts drive-in church during COVID-19 outbreak

    VANCOUVER — Walk in faith not in fear. You’re not alone. Continue to build community. These are the messages you will hear if you attend, from the safety of your car, one of Living Hope Church’s drive-in services. Audio of worship and speaking broadcast through your FM radio, wh

    Posted on:03-27 View:2
  • Coronavirus Florida: Jupiter church holds drive-in Sunday service in p...

    Instead, there were honking car horns. She was midway through a trial run of sorts for her congregation, First United Methodist Church Jupiter-Tequesta. The Jupiter church was among the Palm Beach County houses of worship experimenting Sunday with new ways of uniting t

    Posted on:03-27 View:3
  • Churches Reconsider Drive-In Worship(Using FM Transmitter)

    Drive-in church seemed like a joke. And then, in a moment, it didn’t anymore. The idea was a novelty in the 1950s, promoted as the church of the future. But it’s time didn’t come, and never came, and then it was gone, and the whole thing seemed silly. There were

    Posted on:03-27 View:6
  • 8 Places to Catch a Drive-In Movie in Michigan

    With summertime blockbuster films getting ready to hit the big screens in the coming months, a trip to the movies is a perfect way to spend an evening with the family. Some of us may remember the summer nights when a typical pastime involved pulling up to the local drive-in theater an

    Posted on:03-27 View:2
  • 14 Most Iconic Drive-In Movie Theaters Left in America

    South Bay Drive-In Theater, San Diego Opened in 1958, the South Bay Drive-In theater in San Diego has been welcoming families for over 60 years. With this coastal city having an averaging temperature of 70 degrees at night, the drive-in is open seven days

    Posted on:03-27 View:2
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