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  • 512 QAM vs 1024 QAM vs 2048 QAM vs 4096 QAM modulation types

    "QAM stands for Quadrature Amplitude Modulation. Each symbol in the QAM constellation represent unique amplitude and phase. Hence they can be distinguished from the other points at the receiver. ----- FMUSER "

    Posted on:06-20 View:267
  • 16 QAM modulation vs 64 QAM modulation vs 256 QAM modulation

    "The full form of QAM is Quadrature Amplitude Modulation technique. It is digital modulation technique. This modulation technique is a combination of both Amplitude and phase modulation techniques. QAM is better than QPSK in terms of data carrying capacity. Q

    Posted on:06-20 View:111
  • Modulating Techniques Basics

    "Digital-to-analog conversion is the process of changing one of the characteristics of an analog signal based on the information in digital data. A sine wave is defined by three characteristics: amplitude, frequency, and phase. When we change anyone of th

    Posted on:06-20 View:116
  • Things You Should Know About Antenna Gains

    " The term Antenna Gain describes how much power is transmitted in the direction of peak radiation to that of an isotropic source. ----- FMUSER" On this page, we'll introduce another fundamental antenna parameter

    Posted on:06-19 View:59
  • Understanding Antenna Gain Basics

    "Antenna gain indicates how strong a signal an antenna can send or receive in a specified direction. Gain is calculated by comparing the measured power transmitted or received by the antenna in a specific direction to the power transmitted or received by a hy

    Posted on:06-19 View:80
  • dB and dBi and Antenna: What does Antenna Gain Actually Means?

    "Choosing the right signal booster and supporting antenna with sufficient power gain to boost your cellular signal is the key. There are many things to consider and here we are going to discuss dB, dBi and gain and what all these mean to signal boosters. ----

    Posted on:06-19 View:133
  • What is Return Loss?

    "Return loss is a quantity often used within RF circuits where impedance matching is important. The return loss is the proportion of a signal that is reflected as a result of an impedance mismatch. ----- FMUSER " Typically retu

    Posted on:06-17 View:87
  • VSWR vs. Return Loss

    "VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) and Return Loss are both measures of the same parameter i.e., the signal reflected back in a transmission line. When a signal is transmitted through a transmission line, some signal power is always reflected or returned t

    Posted on:06-17 View:66
  • File Formats in Computer

    "In a computer, a file format is the layout of a file in terms of how the data within the file is organized. A particular file format is often indicated as part of a file's name by a file name extension (suffix). Conventionally, the extension is separate

    Posted on:06-17 View:94
  • Guideline of Manually load IPTV .M3U/.M3U8 Playlist Streams on Various...

    "In this tutorial, I would be giving an evergreen guide on how you can Load .M3U IPTV URL manually. This is with all intents and purposes an article for research and education. It has nothing to do with broadcast piracy as I will not be linking to any pirated

    Posted on:06-17 View:1320
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