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  • How Does Modulation Works?

    Frequency of an RF channel is best understood as the frequency of a carrier wave. A carrier wave is a pure wave of constant frequency, a bit like a sine wave. By itself it doesn’t carry much information that we can relate to (such as speech or data).

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    The radio technologies previously mentioned are all open standards, which means that equipment from different manufacturers can work together. Digital radio, however, does offer some particular advantages over analog. Security: One of the most important advantages is security. W

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  • Voting And Simucast Networks

    Suppose a system has a number of different repeaters at different sites. All are transmitting the same audio, but users are often on the move. While they may begin with excellent reception at the first site, eventually they will experience better reception at the second site than the

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  • How Scanning Works

    Portable and mobile users are constantly on the move. When they work on a system with multiple repeaters in different locations, it can be difficult for the different units to keep in touch. One method is for each user to check the different channels by hand to see if there is any com

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  • How Do Repeater Systems Work

    As previously discussed, repeaters help with the problem of line of sight in conventional communications. If two radios want to communicate with a hilltop in the way, then there is no line of sight. One way to overcome this is placing a repeater (or base station) at the top of the hil

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  • The Correlation Between Power and Range

    Range and power of portable and mobile radios have an interesting relationship. With both portables and mobiles, the radio converts radio power into radio frequency power and is radiated out of the antenna. Range of a radio is dependent on both the power that’s available to it a

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  • The Difference Between FDMA And TDMA

    An RF channel occupies a certain amount of radio spectrum. What is the most efficient use of this small chunk of radio spectrum that makes up our channel? There are two different techniques. The first technique is called frequency division multiple access (FDMA). This meth

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  • How does an FM Transceiver Works?

    Take a look at this FM transmitter diagram: The process is relatively straightforward: 1) The microphone takes the voice in. 2) This voice signal goes into an audio processor in order to create an input signal. 3) The input si

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  • Introduction to RF Channel Spacing

    Modulation and Radio Building Blocks Radio spectrum is very limited. Every user of radio spectrum needs a “pipeline” or block of pipelines in order to communicate over. These pipelines are called channels and they are differentiated by their frequency. Just like a pipe has a c

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  • ​What is the difference between an RF channel and a virtual channel?

    The RF channel is the channel that the TV station uses to broadcast its signal. Before the conversion to digital, TV stations were normally identified by their channel number, and most people knew that a particular network was on a specific TV channel.

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