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Why Radio Still Matters?

Date:2019/8/13 12:18:31 Hits:

Ever since the inception of radio, nearly 100 years ago, pundits have been predicting its demise. Time and time again, the predictions fail because radio is one of the most adaptable technologies in the marketplace and continues to fill important niches for consumers.

For example, when television became a strong market force after World War II, radio was pushed out of its front and center living room position in the home. Radio responded by adapting to the mobile and portable environment. Today, the pundits are saying that streaming technologies are going to destroy radio, but radio is adapting around this challenge as well, offering streaming options as well as over-the-air programming.

And, so far, streaming has not overtaken radio as a primary engagement platform. According to United States Ratings giant Nielsen, more Americans still tune to AM/FM radio than any other platform, and 93 percent of U.S. adults listen to radio every week — “more than those watching television or using a smartphone, TV connected device, tablet or PC,” they say.

It isn’t just older listeners, either. According to Nielsen, as of 2017 radio has the largest reach with Gen X, with 97 percent of U.S. listeners aged 35 to 54 (80.5 million people) tuning in each month. Ninety-five percent of Millennials (18–34) tune in monthly. When combined with the Baby Boomer population, AM/FM radio’s monthly reach for listeners over 18 exceeds 243 million people in the U.S. alone.

In Malaysia, Nielson has radio’s weekly reach in 2015 increasing to 94 percent and continuing to grow. In the United Kingdom, radio reaches almost 90 percent of adults, with the average listener tuning in for over 21 hours per week.

In short, Radio Matters. Here are some of the reasons:

Unlike television, satellite broadcasting or most forms of streaming, radio is created and consumed locally, with local news and local advertisers. Even though print media is on the verge of demise in many areas, Radio still remains strong for informing you on what is going on in your area.

Nothing beats radio’s ability to provide up to date news from breaking events, as well as timely advertising. As compared to television, radio is quicker from the event to air, due in part to the reduced production time and quantity of needed equipment. It’s much easier to get remote coverage on the air using radio, especially with today’s technologies for feeding high quality audio back to the station over IP and other networks.

Radio delivers many more consumers per dollar spent than most other media. As a result, targeted niche programming can be created and delivered at lower costs. Streaming services must create a new path for each listener, and the network and the server work harder with each listener. Radio doesn’t work like that — one transmitter handles the entire coverage area, regardless of the number of listeners.

Time after time, when disaster strikes, the first thing that fails is the internet and cellular telephone networks. Radio stations are often the first to provide timely information to the population, which can be received by battery powered portable radios.

Unlike other media, radio is in the dashboard of most cars, and is carried by joggers and to the beach by millions of people weekly. Because of the transmission medium and consistent coverage from location to location, it’s ideal for automobile commuters. And with digital broadcasting technologies, a myriad of services such as real-time traffic updates including accidents or other incidents are available to listeners in their cars, giving them the information they need to pick the quickest route.

Many people in developing countries lack the money for a TV, and can’t read, but most still have access to a radio. This makes radio the most accessible media in the world.

If you would like to build a FM radio/TV station or buy any FM/TV broadcasting equipment, please feel free to contact us:

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