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Galaxy Audio AS-1100R-D

Date:2020/1/13 18:01:32 Hits:

Band D Anyspot ReceiverBSW PART: AS-1100R-D

The Galaxy AS-1100R wireless receiver features an LCD with channel, battery level, and RF/AF indicator.

This version operates in the D frequency band (584-607 MHz).

Galaxy AS-1100R Features:

* LCD display with backlight

* Headphone output volume control

* 4 bar battery life indicator

* RF and AF indicator

* 100 mW headphone output

* 2 AA batteries

* Ear buds included

* 3.5 oz (100 g)

Galaxy AS-1100R Specifications:

* Audio Output Level: 100mW

* Sensitivity: -94dBm for 30dB

* Image Rejection: >55dB

* Dimensions: 3.74" x 2.6" x 1" (95mm H x 65mm W x 25mm D)

* Weight: 3.5oz (100 g) without batteries

* Power Requirements: 2 (AA) size alkaline or rechargeable batteries

* Battery Life: About 5 hours

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