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FMUSER FBE220 H.265/H.264 IPTV Full HD 1080p hardware encoder audio in, for live streaming, broadcasting support RTMP, RTSP, HTTP, HLS, UDP, RTP and multicast

Encoder, IPTV Encoder, H.264 Encoder, HD Encoder, Streaming Encoder


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FMUSER FBE220 H.265/H.264 HD&MI IPTV encoder

1. Overview:

1.1 Adopt leading technology and innovative products
FMUSER FBE220 IPTV and live video capture encoder is our FMUSER professional high-definition audio and video decoding equipment. Used to decode network video and audio streams into HD&MI (with stereo) local display output. The media stream supports RTMPS/RTMP/RTSP/HTTP TS/HTTP FLV/HLS/UDP multicast/RTP multicast.
Thanks to the support of powerful high-end encoding chips, the FMUSER FBE220 encoder is designed to meet the growing demand for video transmission to the Internet and mobile devices.
The highly integrated and cost-effective design of FMUSER FBE220 makes the device widely used in various digital distribution systems, such as the construction of professional broadcast-level IPTV&OTT systems, hotel IPTV applications, remote HD multi-window video conferencing, remote HD education and remote HD medical, Live streaming, etc.
FMUSER FBE220 H.264/H.265 IPTV streaming media encoder supports 1 audio and high-definition video input and capture at the same time for selection. You can choose to use HD&MI or 3.5 mm stereo audio line input.
We also have SDI version and 8-channel HD&MI version, please consult us if you need it.


2.1 Support multiple video stream output
Supports up to 4 video stream output at the same time. You can push these 4 video streams to multiple platforms at the same time.

2.2 Support RTMP and other live streaming
Support RTMPS/RTMP/RTSP/HTTP TS/HTTP FLV/HLS/UDP multicast/RTP multicast with different modes of streaming media protocols.

2.3 Support VLC real-time video preview
VLC media player is a free, free, and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that can play most multimedia files and various streaming media protocols.

2.4 Support BSD settings
You can arbitrarily set the LOGO and text title you need, you can upload 4 LOGO alternate options, and 4 areas are optional.

2.5 Customizable resolution after encoding

The highest FHD 1080P high-definition resolution input and output is the same as your input resolution.

2.6 Optional H.264/H.265 encoding
H.264 level can reach baseline profile/main profile/high profile.

2.7 Network port input and output
The maximum bandwidth of the network is 1000mbps, providing you with high-quality, high-stability images and stability.

2.8 Maximum frame rate of 60FPS
The mainstream 60FPS output live screen makes people feel more comfortable and smooth experience.

2.9 Audio coding sampling rate
44100/48000Hz high sampling rate CD level is available for you to choose.


3.1 TV Broadcasting systems
Digital TV Broadcasting System, digital TV program transmission, Hotel TV system, Digital TV branch network front-end system, Cable TV Broadcasting System, The edge of the digital TV backbone network, IPTV and OTT front-end system.

Digital television (DTV) is the transmission of television audiovisual signals using digital encoding, in contrast to the earlier analog television technology which used analog signals. Modern digital television is transmitted in high-definition television (HDTV) with greater resolution than analog TV.

3.2 Live video streaming and the other uses
Digital signage, Video conference, Replace HD video capture card, Teaching/Campus, Broadcasting, Recording system, NVR, network video recorder

4.Technical Parameters:

5.Packaging accessories:

● FMUSER FBE220 IPTV encoder 1piece
● Power cable 1piece
● Product Manual * 1piece

6. Network management:




Price(USD) Qty(PCS) Shipping(USD) Total(USD) Shipping Method Payment
288 1 0 288 DHL


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