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  • How to protect outdoor RF antennas from lightning strike?

    How does a lightning strike form for the antenna? Antenna lightning strikes form upon the following necessary conditions: Antenna is the highest point around on the ground or building, which caused the gathering of huge amount of electrical charge, ausing . When

    Posted on:12-09 View:196
  • Question list Questionnaire for building Digital Microwave Link System...

    Example of digital studio microwave link system: If you need similar system, please submit the following information to use by email to to get a quote. 1. What are the output interfaces of the programs

    Posted on:11-24 View:151
  • How to connect FMUSER FBE encoders using a 4G/wcdma SIM card?

    FMUSER FBE series encoders usually works with an active wifi network or through the LAN port of a router, but what do you do when you are in a site without wifi? We might have a solution now. Using the 3G/4G network from SIM card through a small device called Mobile Wifi Pro2 made by HUAWE

    Posted on:10-25 View:169
  • Agents Wanted! Free Watch Program on Android Phone / TV BOX

    Hello Everyone, We are currently running a project of testing Android TV BOX APK, for which we offer 10 FREE accounts to watch TV programs for 3 days from the APK with the list provided. In the meanwhile, we are looking for

    Posted on:09-14 View:449
  • Types of radio emissions F3E,F2D etc.

    The International Telecommunication Union uses an internationally agreed system for classifying radio frequency signals. Each type of radio emission is classified according to its bandwidth, method of modulation, nature of the modulating signal, and type of information transmitted on the carrier

    Posted on:08-17 View:831
  • How to send signal from studio to transmitter?

    Previously we acknowledged about using STL links to send audio signals from Studio to Transmitter( to review about the STL link system, please visit this link: ) Recently it's becoming increasingly common to use audio over IP (where you send the a

    Posted on:08-16 View:176
  • FMUSER served in a public speech for live broadcasting with IPTV encod...

    FMUSER Team served in a public speech about Marketing Strategy in September 2016, during which we were fully in charge of the online streaming broadcasting using our new product, IPTV Encoder.

    Posted on:12-10 View:774
  • FMUSER X01 FM Transmitter Brings Radio to War-Torn Areas

    Reaching populations in war-torn areas is a major challenge for radio broadcasters, especially if their main transmitters don’t cover these isolated areas completely.

    Posted on:12-10 View:1164
  • Your Valuable Advices are Highly Welcomed!-For FU-R01 project


    Posted on:12-10 View:1872
  • How to return goods to us for repair?

    If there is problems with our product and you can't fix it at your end, you can send it back to us for repair following the instructions below: DO's 1. Please contact us before sending back the item. 2. Please declare goods as CAR AUDIO AMPLIFIER, value below 300usd. 3.

    Posted on:12-10 View:559
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