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  • How to Install 2 Bay/4 Bay/Multilayer Dipole Antennas with Antenna Mas...

    Do you know how to install multilayer dipole antennas with antenna mast and lightning protection? Check the diagram below and you will master it. Maybe you will like: How to Conenct Lightning Proof Sets FU-DV1

    Posted on:11-14 View:5
  • How to choose antenna and cable for FMUSER transmitters?

    Have you ever been confused when choosing antenna and cable? Don't worry, the following table can help you. Maybe you will like: FU-DV1 FM Dipole Antenna High Gain Outdoor Antenna+30m Feeder Cable FU-DV2 High Ga

    Posted on:11-13 View:15
  • How to create your home radio transmitter with raspberry pi

    Have you ever wanted to create your own radio? If so, this tutorial is for you! In this article, we will create our own radio transmitter, based on a Raspberry Pi! Thanks to this tutorial you will be able to create at home your own small radio station at home. For example, you c

    Posted on:11-10 View:11
  • [Video] How to install High Gain Outdoor FU-DV1 FM Dipole Antenna for ...

    FU-DV1 Dipole Antenna is widely used for 300w/350w/600w/1kw FM transmitter. Do you know how to install FU-DV1 Antenna? Don't worry, our engineer will teach you step by step. Click the video now! Thanks for Watching!

    Posted on:11-02 View:14
  • How to Run Your Very Own Radio Station with the Raspberry Pi

    You can use the Raspberry Pi for a variety of geeky projects. But I recently found out that you could use the puny little device as a FM transmitter as well. And that do without much tinkering. A bunch of folks over at Code Club pihack wrote a program to use hardware on the Raspberry Pi t

    Posted on:10-30 View:19
  • How to turn the Raspberry Pi into a portable FM Radio Transmitter

    There’s no shortage of interesting uses for the Raspberry Pi, but we really enjoyed watching this tutorial on how to turn the Raspberry Pi into a portable FM radio Transmitter. Rather than just listening to local radio, this project enables you to broadcast radio for a short dis

    Posted on:10-29 View:21
  • How to Broadcast Your Own FM Radio Station with a Raspberry Pi

    Sick of listening to babbling DJs and want to broadcast your own radio station? Need a quick and easy solution to transmitting MP3s or Internet radio to your archaic in-car stereo system? Yet again, it is the Raspberry Pi will come to your rescue, with its previ

    Posted on:10-26 View:64
  • How to build more efficient RF power amplifiers by terminating harmoni...

    High data-rate mobile communication systems need RF power amplifiers (PAs) that offer high energy efficiencies, to help reduce the networks’ operating costs. This is a challenge, since the complex modulation schemes used in the latest cellular standards have high peak-to-average-power rati

    Posted on:10-24 View:16
  • Turning Broadcast Upgrades into a Next-general TV Advantage

    The nature of broadcast is changing. From the spectrum repack in the US to huge strides being made towards the next generation of over the air transmission, broadcasters all around the globe are having to make significant investment into new infrastructure in order to support the fact that the b

    Posted on:10-23 View:34
  • [Video] What do you need to know when using a fm transmitter?

    What do you need to know when using a fm transmitter? Here are some tips for you, hope helpful to you, click the video below now. If you want to buy 1W FM Transmitter in the video, please click the link:

    Posted on:10-22 View:19
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