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  • How To Calculate VSWR

    There are many different formulas or equations that can be used to calculate VSWR from a variety of different parameters. As VSWR is an important aspect associated, especially with feeders and antennas, it can be helpful to know the different relationships and formul

    Posted on:11-13 View:17
  • How Does RDS Work?

    How to perform sophisticated network following? This was about the signalling which the broadcaster can add to his program. Let us have a focus on the receiver. To reduce it to one sentence: The receiver should be able to perform the best reception u

    Posted on:11-12 View:4
  • What Does RDS Stand For?

    "RDS" stands for "Radio Data System" and it allows FM broadcasters to send far more than just an analog audio signal out over the air waves. Using a 57 kHz "subcarrier," stations can transmit digital RDS data for reception by RDS-e

    Posted on:11-12 View:13
  • How to Calculate Voltage Standing Wave Ratio?

    For a radio (transmitter or receiver) to deliver power to an antenna , the impedance of the radio and transmission line must be well matched to the a ntenna's impedance . The parameter VSWR is a measure that numerically describes how well the antenna is impe

    Posted on:11-09 View:42
  • How to Expand The Two-Way Radio Range

    One of the most persistent challenges of using two-way radios (walkie-talkies) is moving out of two-way radio range and cutting off your conversation. You can’t fight physics – under specific conditions, radio signals travel in highly specific ways. If you violat

    Posted on:11-08 View:49
  • Single Frequency Networks (SFN) in Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting

    Introduction The transmission channel (path) for the terrestrial TV broadcasting is commonly and rightfully considered as the worst quality channel. Terrestrial transmission channel is asubject to many influences - additive noise and other disturbing signals (namely in the municip

    Posted on:10-18 View:55
  • Single Frequency Network(SFN)& DAB

    SFN - Single Frequency Network A Single Frequency Network (SFN) is a network of transmitting stations that use the same frequency to transmit the same information. A Single Frequency Network is a means to extend the coverage area without the use of

    Posted on:10-17 View:46
  • The Future of LPTV/TV Translator Service Taking Shape?

    Of all television operators, LPTV and TV translator licensees have faced the greatest uncertainties as the anticipated repacking of the TV band has begun to loom. That’s because the FCC’s repacking plans thus far have disregarded LPTVs and translators. As a

    Posted on:10-16 View:26
  • Understanding Reflections and Standing Waves in RF Circuit Design

    High-frequency circuit design must account for two important though somewhat mysterious phenomena: reflections and standing waves. We know from our exposure to other branches of science that waves are associated with special types of behavior. Light waves refract when they move fro

    Posted on:10-15 View:47
  • What is Digital Signal Processing?

    What is Digital Signal Processing? DSP manipulates different types of signals with the intention of filtering, measuring, or compressing and producing analog signals. Analog signals differ by taking information and translating it into electric pulses of varying amplitude, whereas

    Posted on:10-15 View:17
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