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  • How long does an Antenna have to be?

    Most modern transistor radios have at least two antennas. One of them is a long, shiny telescopic rod that pulls out from the case and swivels around for picking up FM (frequency modulation) signals. The other is an antenna inside the case, usually fixed to the main circ

    Posted on:09-27 View:20
  • How does the Transmitter and Antenna Work?

    Imagine holding out your hand and catching words, pictures, and information passing by. That's more or less what an antenna (sometimes called an aerial) does: it's the metal rod or dish that catches radio waves and turns them into electrical signals feeding into something like a ra

    Posted on:09-27 View:26
  • What are Radio Waves?

    The basic building block of radio communications is a radio wave. Like waves on a pond, a radio wave is a series of repeating peaks and valleys. The entire pattern of a wave, before it repeats itself, is called a cycle. The wavelength is the distance a wave takes to complete one cy

    Posted on:09-21 View:25
  • The Three Distinct Features of Antenna You Need to Know

    Antennas come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes, but they’re all designed for the same purpose – to pick up a very specific radio wave frequency. You’ll find antennas ranging from the long metal wires sticking out from an FM radio to something rounder like a satellite dish, or

    Posted on:09-21 View:20
  • How does Radio Waves Work?

    Do you think sending a radio wave is a simple process of travel from point A to point B? But this isn’t always the case. Waves don’t always fly through the thin air straight from a transmitter to a receiver, and how they travel ultimately depends on what kind of wave fre

    Posted on:09-21 View:23
  • What is RF Communication – Protocol & Application?

    RF refers to the frequencies that fall with in the electromagnetic spectrum associated with radio wave propagation. RF current creates electromagnetic fields when applied to an antenna that propagate the applied signal through space. Electromagnetic wave based communications have been

    Posted on:09-20 View:21
  • A Tip for Using FMUSER FU-05B 0.5W FM Transmitter with Microphone

    Please use a microphone with the 3.5mm 3 pin STEREO type connector, not 2 pin nor 4 pin, otherwise you'll hear nothing from the MIC port.

    Posted on:09-13 View:81

    Portable operation of ham radios is seemingly getting more popular every week. The “self-contained” style involves carrying or packing the entire radio package, including a power source, to the location where you plan to operate. You can hike, bike, or paddle to your station site, com

    Posted on:09-07 View:32
  • Difference between transmitter and receiver

    Definition In electronics and telecommunications, a transmitter or radio transmitter is an electronic device which, with the aid of an antenna, produces waves. In addition to their use in broadcasting, transmitters are necessary component parts of many electronic devices that c

    Posted on:09-07 View:101
  • How Does A Transistor Work?

    The transistor was invented by William Shockley in 1947. A transistor is a three-terminal semiconductor device which can be used for switching applications, amplification of weak signals and in quantities of thousands and millions of transistors are interconnected and embedded into a tiny in

    Posted on:09-04 View:31
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