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  • BIAMP TesiraFORTE DAN AI Digital Audio Processor 12 Analog Inputs 8 An...

    Descriptions: The TesiraFORTE DAN AI is a digital audio server with 12 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs, up to 8 channels of configurable USB audio, and Dante digital audio networking. Features: * 32 x 32 channels of Dante

    Posted on:04-26 View:32
  • Orban OPTIMOD 5700i FM/HD Audio Processor 5-Band Processor RDS/RBDS

    Features: • Processing equivalent to Optimod-FM 8500 • Internal DSP-based stereo encoder with exclusive "Half-Cosine Interpolation" composite limiter • Versatile ratings encoder loop through maintains high audio levels into

    Posted on:04-25 View:26
  • Alctron HA4 Professional 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier

    Introduction: HA4 is a compact 4-way headphone amplifier from a DC power adapter power supply. The biggest advantage of this product is th

    Posted on:03-06 View:166
  • ROLLS RS80 Broadcast Professional Receiver, Tuner

    Description The ROLLS RS80 is a digital PLL quartz frequency-locked AM/FM tuner. The RS80 also features a headphone monitor and balanced stereo output and RCA output. Built-in battery to ensure preset memory, standard 19&q

    Posted on:03-05 View:84
  • Inovonics 635 for Remote Signal Monitoring FM Signal Receiver

    The INOmini 635 is a remote signal monitoring FM signal receiver with a browser page. Deploy it at the transmitter site or any critical geographic location, it can collect information and send radio or wired audio to any computer, tablet or mobile device. The browser page

    Posted on:03-05 View:165
  • Inovonics AARON 650 New Generation FM Relay Receiver

    Overview The AARON 650 is Inovonics' new-generation FM relay receiver designed to handle the most challenging signal reception problems. The AARON 650 combines unparalleled reception performance with advanced features to deliver superior signal sensitivity and signal selectivity

    Posted on:03-05 View:154
  • America TELOS XPORT POTS&ISDN Receiver

    Telos' new Zephyr Xport POST+ISDN codec can be used in the field with a common analog telephone line connected to its studio Zephyr Xstream ISDN codec. It uses the world's highest fidelity low bit rate encoding method: aacPlus, which allows people to enjo

    Posted on:03-01 View:121
  • TASCAM DR-44WL Recording Pen For Cellphone Remote Control

    Description: The DR-44WL is a four-track recorder that supports remote control over a WiFi wireless network. It can be used to remotely control the tape recorder via a WiFi wireless network via a free iOS or Android app, or to transfer files w

    Posted on:03-01 View:157
  • Japan TASCAM MX2424 24-Track Hard Disk Recorder

    Features: 48/44.1kHz 24-track 24-bit recorder, playback and editing machine 96kHz 12-track, 24-bit recording Choose one of three 24-track digital I/Os: TDIF, ADAT Light Guide or AES/EBU Intuitive and easy to use fro

    Posted on:03-01 View:169
  • RØDE NT5 Small Diaphragm Heart-shaped Condenser Microphone Pencil Micr...

    Features: External bias capacitor Gold plated 1/2" pole Heavy matt nickel plated body Dual power operation Surface mount circuit low noise Full frequency response Optional certified pairing mic

    Posted on:03-01 View:48
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