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  • All frequencies used in UK for public analogue radio transmissions

    Below is listed all the frequencies that are used in the UK for public analogue radio transmissions. Click on a link below to see a map of the transmitters using that frequency. AM band

    Posted on:05-27 View:364
  • How to Apply for a Radio or Television Broadcast Station

    Introduction Heavy Demand for New Broadcast Stations. Potential applicants for radio and television services should be aware that frequencies for these services are always in heavy demand. Some years ago, the Commission received approximately 30,000 inquiries in a year from people who w

    Posted on:05-13 View:539
  • Nonprofit Loses LPFM CP after Internal Battles

    By Susan Ashworth April 27, 2016 Sometimes internal squabbles at an organization can do more than upset individuals gathered around the water cooler. Disputes among directors of a nonprofit that led to ousting of board members and a major restructuri

    Posted on:04-28 View:452
  • What is Telephone Hybrid?

    A telephone hybrid is the component at the ends of a subscriber line of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) that converts between two-wire and four-wire forms of bidirectional audio paths. When used in broadcast facilities to enable the airing of telephone callers, the broadcast-qualit

    Posted on:04-28 View:1596
  • How to Set Up an FM Radio Station

    The FM, or frequency modulation, radio station was one of the first forms of large-scale communication in the world. In the United States, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) controls who can broadcast messages and on which FM stations. Setting up an FM radio station doesn't necessaril

    Posted on:04-27 View:6925
  • How to Build a Low Power FM 10 Radio Station

    Low-power FM radio stations, also known as LPFMs, are only available to noncommercial / nonprofit radio broadcasters. LPFM radio stations have a maximum broadcast power of 100 watts. L2 class (which are referred to as LP10) LPFM stations have a broadcast capacity of between one and 10 watts. While

    Posted on:04-27 View:636
  • How to Start a Local FM Radio Station

    By Rhonda Campbell The process of starting your own local FM radio station involves obtaining a license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the government body that has oversight for radio stat

    Posted on:04-27 View:673
  • Building a Better Listener Experience

    By Jeff Detweiler April 26, 2016 As use of HD Radio products expands in new cars and home receivers, consumers are providing feedback on the quality of the user experience. The most noticeable comments are around audible blending artifacts and general audi

    Posted on:04-27 View:520
  • How to Measure the RF Noises?

    By Ian Poole - Measurement techniques and specifications for electronic or RF noise. As noise is an inherent element within any electronic or RF circuit, it is necessary to quantify of measure the noise. By mea

    Posted on:04-26 View:530
  • Maxson on Tracking Interference in the FM Broadcast Band from New Quar...

    By Susan Ashworth April 25, 2016 An NAB engineering session looked at two modes of interference in the FM broadcast band: one from a persnickety well-known source, the other from a new quarter altogether. In the Broadcast Engineering Conference sessi

    Posted on:04-26 View:165
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