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  • Types of Radio Broadcasting

    The term broadcasting means the transmission of audio or video content using radio-frequency waves. With the recent advancements in digital technology, radio broadcasting now applies to many different types of content distribution. Today you’ve the choice of tuning in to more types of radio stat

    Posted on:02-27 View:58
  • How to Tune an Antenna?

    When first setting up a radio or moving a radio to a new, permanent location, its antenna needs to be tuned. Learning how to tune an antenna entails lengthening or shortening the antenna so that, for the radio's specific frequency, it is working as efficiently as possible. In order to t

    Posted on:02-25 View:28
  • How to Make 5 Km Long Range FM Transmitter?

    Here we are presenting a long range FM transmitter that can cover a reasonable distance of 5 kilometers / 3 miles and beyond with a one watt RF power with full circuit details, bill of material and testing procedure. With 12 volt DC it will deliver 1 watt RF power. With Yagi antenna, looking lik

    Posted on:02-18 View:180
  • What Equipment Do You Need for a FM Radio Station?

    So you’ve been dreaming about running your own radio station, and you have a good idea of what you will broadcast, but how do you know exactly what equipment you’ll need? While there are endless bells and whistles you can purchase for professional radio broadcasting, there are a few key pieces

    Posted on:02-02 View:234
  • How to install 16 slot TV antenna for TV transmitter?

    Do you know h ow to install 16 slot TV antenna for TV transmitter? Please check the schematic diagram below and you will got it. Maybe you will like: UHF Two Panel Directional TV Antenna For TV Transmitter

    Posted on:02-02 View:179
  • How to Start a Low Power FM Radio Station

    You have the means to start a low powered radio station without a FCC license. Low-powered FM radio stations are a good resource for nonprofits, schools, churches, community groups, and unions. Note that the FCC rarely hands out permits for commercial free radio. Luckily, there are alternative w

    Posted on:01-28 View:134
  • How to Buy a TV Antenna?

    With so many local television stations now offering up to 4 sub-channels in addition to the lineup on the main channels of programming, the idea of jettisoning cable and satellite services in favor of over the air options has attracted a lot of attention. By choosing the right television antenna

    Posted on:01-14 View:277
  • What does Frequency Modulation (FM) mean?

    Definition - What does Frequency Modulation (FM) mean? Frequency modulation (FM) is a technique used to encode data on an alternating digital or analog signal. The method includes varying the frequency of the carrier wave on which useful information is imposed

    Posted on:01-07 View:214
  • What does Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) mean?

    Definition - What does Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) mean? Pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) is one of several forms of single modulation in which data is transmitted through varying the amplitude of the pulses in regular timed sequence of electrical or electrom

    Posted on:01-07 View:229
  • What does Modulation mean?

    Definition - What does Modulation mean? Modulation is a process through which audio, video, image or text information is added to an electrical or optical carrier signal to be transmitted over a telecommunication or electronic medium. Modulation en

    Posted on:01-07 View:488
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