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  • IP : 62.1.167.* Reviewer : vasilis , Posted at : 2015-08-29

    Hi my name is vasilis  i will want info for FMUSER CZH518A-50W50W  cable  antenna with the price---From :

    Reply : Dear Vasilis,the product you inquired is our 50w Analog TV transmitter.Do you want to use it for a TV station? How far do you want to cover?

  • IP : 203.174.14.* Reviewer : Fahri Hazami , Posted at : 2015-08-13

    apakah ada cabang atau kantor perwakilan di jakarta ?
    serta menanyakan FMUSER SW-M2400 2.4ghz berapa Harga nya ?

    Terima Kasih---From :

    Reply : Dear Mr.Fahri,the price is 114usd, include shipping by airmail.

  • IP : 50.253.18.* Reviewer : James Bryant , Posted at : 2015-07-09

    Purchased FM Transmitter CZE-T251 about a month ago.    Just stop working.  Antenna is fine.  All wires are hooked up properly.  Was working  just stop.  What do you think it could be.

    Reply : Mr. James, Thank you for your message. In order to check the error for FM Transmitter, the following is advice: No.1 Can you tell me where to buy and whom to buy ?   No.2 Do you mind sending us some pictures of antenna and machine, especially showing the connections between them when you are convenient? Looking forward to hearing from you soon .Thank you! Best wishes, FMUSER

  • IP : 2.49.93.* Reviewer : Geoffrey Ssango , Posted at : 2015-07-06

    Hello, how much does it cost to buy a full  of FM radio station equipments from your company. With 
    Capacity of broadcasting 50 kilometers.

    Reply : Hi Mr. Geoffrey, Thank you for your message. Could you tell us detail information about the FM radio station equipments you need, if you just the distance you want, we are not able to provide price of product, because the distance is mainly decided the environment, antenna height, antenna types, we can not recommend which machine for you only depending on distance. So, could you please send us the specific information as below? No.1How is the surrounding environment, is housing crowded or not, is it in a flat and open area? No.2 How tall can the antenna be set up? No.3 Please kindly provide us the specific address about the radio stations, and we can go to Google Maps to look at terrain condition and make recommendation. Looking forward to your early reply. Yours sincerely,

  • IP : 73.139.60.* Reviewer : esnel alexre , Posted at : 2015-06-28

    0781-9889-3172-9959 this my order number i need too know when i will receive the transmitter

    Reply : Mr. Esnel, Sorry to keep you waiting. We can not find the order number you offered. Can you please provide us some detailed information? No.1which product did you buy? No.2 could you tell me where and whom did you buy product from? No.3when did you place the order? Looking forward to hearing from you soon .Thank you! Best regards, FMUSER

  • IP : 73.139.60.* Reviewer : esnel alexre , Posted at : 2015-06-28

    i place an order i neve received any email from you, i need to know when i will receive the transmitter please email back as soon is possible

    Reply : Dear esnel,can you send us the order information through email? We didn't find your order and can't tell the time for now.

  • IP : 41.189.161.* Reviewer : Francis ahiadorme , Posted at : 2015-06-06

    l need the price for fm transmitter that can cover a distance of 45 km.   the price of all other equipment to  up a portable fm broadcast station.

    Reply :

  • IP : 186.87.65.* Reviewer : BAIRON RODRIGUEZ , Posted at : 2015-04-29

    hola, saludos desde colombia, estoy intereza en uno de sus equipos bien uno de 80 wat o 100 wat quisiera saber si me pueden enviar la cotizacion en pesos colombianos, a udtedes gracias por su atencion.---From :

    Reply : Hola querida, este producto es 865usd en el envío total, libre de DHL a Colombia, que es igual a 2526665 pesos colombianos. ¿Qué piensas? Hi dear, this product is 865usd in total, free shipping by DHL to Colombia, it equals to 2526665 colombian pesos. What do you think?

  • IP : 85.164.28.* Reviewer : Jegor Rumjantsev , Posted at : 2015-04-19

    Hi, i ordered transmitter , payed by paypal 5 days ago , but did not get eny conformation on my email . Please send me conformation  tracking number , or will start to ask about refund money. Kind regards

    Reply : Dear Jegor,What is your transaction number? Sorry we didn't see orders using your email address to check, please send us more details so we can check for you. Thanks,Rita.

  • IP : 24.6.92.* Reviewer : Paul Nanna , Posted at : 2015-04-03

    Is your FSN-150 certified to United states FCC stards?

    Reply : Not yet, we are trying our best to do it.

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