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  • IP : 216.221.72.* Reviewer : Don Gibson , Posted at : 2016-03-22

    Im looking for a modulator similar to your FUTV4624 but with a component input.
    I&aposm quoting for a local bar or club that wants 2 units to modulate a Bell Satellite IRD to all the HD TV&aposs around the bar. The IRD has HDMI output but because of encoding issues I&aposve been told I should use a component input modulator. Also do you have a Canadian or US distributor, or should I purchase direct from you even though it would only be 2 units. (to start)  

    Reply : Dear, I'll reply you through email.

  • IP : 108.206.251.* Reviewer : Vidal Portocarrero , Posted at : 2016-03-07

    Dear Sirs:
    I am interestes on a small UHF TV broadcast transmitter for a rural town with 10 to 15 Km.
    Please advice on transmitter  antennas. Its for Central America.

    Reply : Dear Vidal, can you describe the local environmental condition to me first?

  • IP : 173.11.57.* Reviewer : Rid Dayee , Posted at : 2015-12-19

    I&aposm looking to buy equipment for this radio station that i want to put up in Liberia(West Africa)can you put a package together for me.I want the 2kw transmitter.this 2kw transmitter will cover the distance that I&aposm looking to cover.

    Reply : Hi Rid, please kindly send me the detailed location of your station, I'll check the environment condition around that and make you a proper solution.

  • IP : 66.87.124.* Reviewer : Mario , Posted at : 2015-12-19

    My Czech-t252 acts crazy led not working good I can get to the menu.what you think

    Reply : Dear Mario,sorry we don't have product at this model name, can you please check again? Did you buy from our company?

  • IP : 182.182.49.* Reviewer : Imran Khan , Posted at : 2015-12-03

    Hello how are you,
          I want to buy 15 watt FU-15A CZH-15A transmitter,  living in Pakistan. Can I send you money through Money Grams.
    Waiting your reply, Thanks.

    Reply : Yes,dear. You could pay it through Money Grams and you could click to know more information about Payment Methods: Pay through Money Gram: First name/Given Name: QUAN Last name/ Surname: LI Country: China City: Guangzhou

  • IP : 180.214.233.* Reviewer : mansyur , Posted at : 2015-11-21

    minta info harga fmuser SDA-01---From :

    Reply : Sorry, the production of SDA-01 has been stopped. I suggest that you can consider about FU-01A which has the same power as SDA-01 and a more stable fuction.

  • IP : 81.47.192.* Reviewer : Pedro , Posted at : 2015-11-05

    Hola he comprado una emisora de fm 

    y me gustaria emitir RDS, como tengo que conectarlo, o por donde meto la señal de RDS, ya que es de 57KHZ  y las caracteristicas pone maximo 15 KHZ, en espera de su contestacion , o un esquema de donde inyectarlo.

    saludos---From :

    Reply : Dear, do you mean you want to use the RDS function on this SDA-15B transmitter? Im afraid it doesn't support this function now.

  • IP : 183.171.129.* Reviewer : jack , Posted at : 2015-11-03

    For your info, I already buy CZE - 7E but it cant reach the village located 3 miles away from my school. Do I need to buy bigger Transmitter or just buy suitable antenna to increase the range? Need advise.

    Reply : Hi jack, may I know where you used the transmitter?

  • IP : 183.171.129.* Reviewer : jack , Posted at : 2015-11-03

    I love this websites  plan to buy FM Transmitter range 10 km  above. I have a bad experience buying products online. When I contact the supplier, they said they already deliver the product  cant do anything else when it arrive in Malaysia. I am a school teacher  really hopes your product can help build a mini radio station for the kids. Can you assure me that the product that I buy later arrive at my h? How? Need advise.

    Reply : Hi Jack, please kindly tell me where your station will be, and how high you can set up the antenna, I'll recommend the proper package to you.Best regards,Rita

  • IP : 72.10.150.* Reviewer : Petra , Posted at : 2015-10-11

    Hi there, 

    I am in the process of building a FM radio station in a mountain region. The range should be about 100 km. Could you please send me a quote for a full  FM radio package that will meet this requirement.


    Reply : Dear petra,where do you plan to set up your station? How far do you want to transmit in Radius distance?

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