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  • IP : 183.171.129.* Reviewer : jack , Posted at : 2015-11-03

    I love this websites  plan to buy FM Transmitter range 10 km  above. I have a bad experience buying products online. When I contact the supplier, they said they already deliver the product  cant do anything else when it arrive in Malaysia. I am a school teacher  really hopes your product can help build a mini radio station for the kids. Can you assure me that the product that I buy later arrive at my h? How? Need advise.

    Reply : Hi Jack, please kindly tell me where your station will be, and how high you can set up the antenna, I'll recommend the proper package to you.Best regards,Rita

  • IP : 72.10.150.* Reviewer : Petra , Posted at : 2015-10-11

    Hi there, 

    I am in the process of building a FM radio station in a mountain region. The range should be about 100 km. Could you please send me a quote for a full  FM radio package that will meet this requirement.


    Reply : Dear petra,where do you plan to set up your station? How far do you want to transmit in Radius distance?

  • IP : 181.114.125.* Reviewer : hernan montero salazar , Posted at : 2015-10-02

    ---From :

    Reply : Hi Hernan,what do you want to inquire about? )

  • IP : 213.60.239.* Reviewer : Baldomero Carballal Montejano , Posted at : 2015-09-27

    Good morning,

    I am writing this email on behalf of Audiovisuales Sogavi, S.L. To make a query:

    I am interested in buying any of their products  I asked if I could provide some price FM exciter. He needed to know if you have any IP interface to decompress the frame streaming audio directly to the exciter.

    Receive a greeting---From :

    Reply : Hi Jaime, thanks for your message. Yes we have fm exciters with IP interface, what power output do you want? Best regards,Rita.

  • IP : 200.77.93.* Reviewer : Robertony Cordova , Posted at : 2015-09-08

    Mándame urgentemente presupuesto de una fuente de poder regulada de 48volt a 24 amperes ~ antena aérea de de 1000 watts y placa amplifier fm de 1000 watts

    Reply :

  • IP : 201.239.33.* Reviewer : Oscar , Posted at : 2015-08-31

    Nesecito cotizar un modulo de 20 watt uhf 470 mhz hasta 860 mhz tv uhf---From :

    Reply : Dear Oscar,do you need the frequency adjustable from 470-860mhz, or fixed in one frequency between this range?

  • IP : 62.1.167.* Reviewer : vasilis , Posted at : 2015-08-29

    Hi my name is vasilis  i will want info for FMUSER CZH518A-50W50W  cable  antenna with the price---From :

    Reply : Dear Vasilis,the product you inquired is our 50w Analog TV transmitter.Do you want to use it for a TV station? How far do you want to cover?

  • IP : 203.174.14.* Reviewer : Fahri Hazami , Posted at : 2015-08-13

    apakah ada cabang atau kantor perwakilan di jakarta ?
    serta menanyakan FMUSER SW-M2400 2.4ghz berapa Harga nya ?

    Terima Kasih---From :

    Reply : Dear Mr.Fahri,the price is 114usd, include shipping by airmail.

  • IP : 50.253.18.* Reviewer : James Bryant , Posted at : 2015-07-09

    Purchased FM Transmitter CZE-T251 about a month ago.    Just stop working.  Antenna is fine.  All wires are hooked up properly.  Was working  just stop.  What do you think it could be.

    Reply : Mr. James, Thank you for your message. In order to check the error for FM Transmitter, the following is advice: No.1 Can you tell me where to buy and whom to buy ?   No.2 Do you mind sending us some pictures of antenna and machine, especially showing the connections between them when you are convenient? Looking forward to hearing from you soon .Thank you! Best wishes, FMUSER

  • IP : 2.49.93.* Reviewer : Geoffrey Ssango , Posted at : 2015-07-06

    Hello, how much does it cost to buy a full  of FM radio station equipments from your company. With 
    Capacity of broadcasting 50 kilometers.

    Reply : Hi Mr. Geoffrey, Thank you for your message. Could you tell us detail information about the FM radio station equipments you need, if you just the distance you want, we are not able to provide price of product, because the distance is mainly decided the environment, antenna height, antenna types, we can not recommend which machine for you only depending on distance. So, could you please send us the specific information as below? No.1How is the surrounding environment, is housing crowded or not, is it in a flat and open area? No.2 How tall can the antenna be set up? No.3 Please kindly provide us the specific address about the radio stations, and we can go to Google Maps to look at terrain condition and make recommendation. Looking forward to your early reply. Yours sincerely,

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