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Japan TASCAM MX2424 24-Track Hard Disk Recorder

Date:2019/3/1 12:00:55 Hits:


48/44.1kHz 24-track 24-bit recorder, playback and editing machine
96kHz 12-track, 24-bit recording
Choose one of three 24-track digital I/Os: TDIF, ADAT Light Guide or AES/EBU
Intuitive and easy to use front panel for accurate editing, recording and playback
Graphical User Interface (CUI) for Windows or MacOS compatible machines
Integrated post-audio production options for video clock, LTC and MTC
SCSI connector for external SCSI-3 Ultra Wide hard drive (80Mps)
Support for standard standard audio frequency
Recording in Sound Designer II or WAV audio format

Fast and efficient software upgrade via SmartMedia over the Internet

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