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TASCAM DR-44WL Recording Pen For Cellphone Remote Control

Date:2019/3/1 12:13:05 Hits:


The DR-44WL is a four-track recorder that supports remote control over a WiFi wireless network. It can be used to remotely control the tape recorder via a WiFi wireless network via a free iOS or Android app, or to transfer files wirelessly, with a pair of stereo XY condenser microphones. There is also a pair of XLR cassette inputs for simultaneous 4-track recording. Scene Dial control in 8-direction operation, ADTA in 24bit/96Khz.

Main Features of DR-44WL: 

WiFi transport control, can start remotely and stop

Transfer files between the recorder and your smartphone or tablet via WiFi wireless
Free iOS and Android file transfer apps
Free Windows and Mac file transfer application
New XY condenser microphone
New channel and AD for better sound quality and longer usage time
The Scene Dial control in 8-direction operation is suitable for various recording scenes.
132dB high sound pressure level
Can record 24bit/96kHz WAV/BWF files, or MP3 files, can record WAV and MP3 simultaneously
Card input interface with fantasy power supply
Multitrack recording mode adds reverb to four tracks
Built-in WiFi network allows the phone to connect directly to the recorder's own WiFi network without having to work with WiFi
128x128 LCD screen with backlight
Supports up to 512GB microSDXC card (4GB card)

Can be used for variable-speed playback, easy to learn music

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