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How to turn the Raspberry Pi into a portable FM Radio Transmitter

Date:2018/10/29 10:52:22 Hits:

There’s no shortage of interesting uses for the Raspberry Pi, but we really enjoyed watching this tutorial on how to turn the Raspberry Pi into a portable FM radio Transmitter.

Rather than just listening to local radio, this project enables you to broadcast radio for a short distance around you (around 50 meters).

Building a Raspberry Pi FM radio station transmitter

The FM Transmitter project uses the general clock output on a Raspberry Pi to produce frequency modulated radio communication.

The code is built in C, so it’s also a good introduction to setting up C and building a program on your Raspberry Pi. Once you’ve read the GitHub overview, the video walks you through the setup process, and shows you how to add the script to .bashrc so it runs on startup.

Click here for the FM_Transmitter RPi3 code at GitHub
Once the program is running, you can speak into a microphone and broadcast your voice, or pick audio files on your Raspberry Pi and play them.

Please keep in mind that it’s illegal to interfere with radio transmissions in some parts of the world. And you don’t want to mess up radio transmissions used the emergency services. So consider this an experimental project, and a learning exercise, rather than something to use on a regular basis.

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