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Introduction & Review of FMUSER-STL System

Date:2020/10/10 10:50:21 Hits:


1. Background Information

2Essential Parts of FMUSER-STL System

3. FMUSER-STL SysteMeans More than Just Communicating

4. 5 Advantages of FMUSER-STL System

5. Where to find the FMUSER-STL System?

Background Information:

In recent years, radio station programs have become more and more popular among listeners.

It's studied that the radio programs are much more popular than other programs of the same kind. But it is not easy to build a radio station successfully, not even to attract a large amount of traffic. Terrain, RF radiation, policy, transmission distance, etc. May become the factors that hinder the successful establishment of a radio station and ensure its normal operation.

Before building a radio station, we must first confirm its geographic location. It is known that the best locations for an antenna are on top of a mountain, where a larger broadcasting range is covered, but it may be impractical to locate a studio on the mountains.

Even in flat regions, the center of the station's allowed coverage area may not be near the studio location, so the antenna must be placed at a distance from the studio.

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So, is there such a complete and license-free, easy-installing  digital broadcasting system for those who need to transmit audio from the studio to the remotely located transmitter (usually on top of the mountain?)

Of course, there is! Let's bring up the FMUSER-STL System!

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4 Essential Parts of FMUSER-STL System: 

It is actually an audio broadcast system, which consists of 4 parts.

Namely, the broadcaster, the encoding device, the cloud server, and the radio station. Still don't get it? Let's be more specific.

Firstly, the audio will be delivered by the broadcasters from the radio studio and be broadcasted to the audience after being transmitted into audio signals.

Secondly, the encoding device. The audio signals delivered by the broadcasters will be transferred into IP signals to the FBE200 encoder and then be uploaded to the FMUSER cloud server

Thirdly, the cloud server. The audio signals uploaded by the FBE200 encoder will be transferred into the real-time transmission to the station.

Finally, after receiving the IP signals which are modulated from audio signals by the FBE200 encoder, the signals stored by the cloud system will be sent to the radio station in way of real-time transmission and eventually be demodulated by the radio. So that we can listen to the radios!

#Conclusion: The radio signals which will be transmitted by the radio station are fist delivered by the live broadcasting and then transferred into IP  signals which will be uploaded to the cloud server for the final transmission.

FMUSER-STL System Means More than Just Communicating:
Traditionally, a normal STL sends a radio station's audio signals from the broadcast studio or origination facility to a radio transmitter or uplink facility in another location.

However, there are many disadvantages to do so.

For example. after a broadcasting station company has successfully built the transmitter, the middle part of the transmission is possibly to be blocked by tall buildings, trees, and mountains, causing transmission failure.

In addition, the transmission distance of the traditional STL system signals is very limited.

What's more, the traditional STL system has super radiation, so the requirements for the construction site are relatively high.


5 Advantages of FMUSER-STL System:

First, super diffraction ability
The FMUSER-STL System can easily bypass any obstacles with its super diffraction ability, such as the mountains, the trees, and the buildings, and transfer the signals to the station.

With such a low-requirement on the radio station facility, you can still perfectly build your own radio station even if the radio tower you rent is only 1/3 of the height of the surrounding buildings. 

Second, ultra-long distance transmission(over 3,000KMs)
The FMUSER-STL System adopts the latest generation of server audio transmission technology which enables the coverage signals transmitted by your radio station not being affected by the distance anymore. You can set up a capital radio station at any time in a densely populated area on the edge of the country, and the distance is no longer a stumbling block to establish a radio station.

Third, N-launched points traveling with only one studio program
The FMUSER-STL System is able to help you transmit program signals to radio transmitting points all over the country in real-time with just an FM radio frequency license plate, a well-designed broadcasting studio, and some nice programs.

Four, no RF radiation and license-free
The FMUSER-STL System is more suitable for broadcasting stations for its outstanding ability to avoid radiation. Often in the more densely populated communities, fewer people want to see huge antennas towering over the surrounding roofs. FMUSER-STL System can effectively avoid RF radiation. Comparing with ordinary radio stations, the FMUSER-STL System is more suitable for broadcasting stations.

Five, channel-switching to the source as you need at any time
You can switch the souce at any time as you need. The local broadcasting station can switch to another channel in the broadcasting program menu to the broadcasting station at any time as needed.

I believe that with the help of FMUSER-STL System, you and your radio station will be more succesful!

Where to find the FMUSER-STL System?

We help radio stations streaming sound programs from studios to transmitting station sites around the world in real time, with ultra-long distance transmission (3000KM+). You can set up a FM radio transmitting site under obstructions. One program will be transmitted to multiple launch sites around the earth... We create what our customers need and help realize their dreams.


The FMUSER 5.8GHz link series is a complete multi-point to station digital STL system (Studio to Transmitter Link) for those who need to transmit video and audio from multi-place to a station. Usually used in the field of security monitoring, video transmission, etc.The link guarantees an incredible audio and video quality - punch and clarity. The system can be connected to 110/220V AC line. Encoder is equipped with 1 way stereo audio inputs or 1 way Hdmi / SDI video input with1080i/p 720p. STL offers up to 10km distance depending on its location (e.g.altitude) and optical visibility.


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