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What Are the Current Detection Methods for the Diagnosis of New Coronavirus Pneumonia?

Date:2020/3/25 17:42:31 Hits:

Newly approved new crown pneumonia detection reagents mainly include two types:

One is a nucleic acid detection reagent.

Aother is an antibody detection reagent. 

Up to now, the State Drug Administration has approved 12 nucleic acid detection reagents and 8 antibody detection reagents. Among them, the antibody detection reagents include 5 colloidal gold methods and 3 magnetic particle chemiluminescence methods. With the progress of disease awareness and research and development, more detection reagents and methods will be put into use in the future. The first type of nucleic acid detection process includes multiple steps such as specimen processing, nucleic acid extraction, and PCR detection. The average detection time takes 2-3 hours.Because it directly detects the viral nucleic acid in our collected samples, it has strong specificity and relatively high sensitivity, which is the main detection method at present. The second type of antibody detection includes colloidal gold method and magnetic particle chemiluminescence method. The average detection time of colloidal gold method is about 15 minutes, which is reported by the media you just mentioned. A drop of blood can be detected with the naked eye in 15 minutes. As a result, the colloidal gold method should be used, but if serum is used instead of whole blood, this serum treatment will take some time, and if whole blood is used, it will be about 15 minutes. The magnetic particle chemiluminescence method generally takes 30-60 minutes. Antibody detection is to detect the level of antibodies in human blood. In the early stage of disease infection, antibodies may not be produced in the human body, so it has a detection window period. Therefore, antibody detection can be used to assist in the diagnosis of cases with negative nucleic acid tests, and to screen and screen cases, but it is not a substitute for nucleic acid detection methods. (Feng Luzhao, researcher, China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

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