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Avid Announces Free Pro Tools Control App

Date:2020/3/16 14:56:41 Hits:

Take charge of your software from your iPad! Pro Tools Control is a new free app from Avid that allows you to remote control your favorite audio and video software, including Pro Tools, Media Composer, Logic, Cubase, and Nuendo. Pro Tools Control uses EUCON technology, so the app and your iPad appear as a EUCON-enabled remote control to your software, with deep integration and massive control over functions and operation. Plus, you can combine with Pro Tools Control with a EUCON-compatible hardware control surface, such as the Avid S3 or Artist Mix for incredible hands-on operation of your software. And since Pro Tools Control is a wi-fi app, there are no wires involved; you can step back and run your software from anywhere!

Pro Tools Control is a free app, available on the Apple App Store.

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