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Neo Instruments Ventilator Output Warning

Date:2020/1/13 18:04:43 Hits:

The Neo Instruments Ventilator is an incredible rotating speaker simulator/emulator — the sonic authenticity of this box is jaw dropping! Even die-hard, “real Leslie only” users have been blown away. Use it on your tonewheel organ (or organ virtual instrument), electric piano, guitar, or any other sound source and prepare to be amazed. Best of all, the Ventilator is a heck of a lot easier to carry around than a real rotating speaker.

A word of warning, though: The input on the Ventilator is not designed to handle the output level that a keyboard’s headphone output can generate. It may seem safe to use a headphone output to drive your Ventilator. The Ventilator bypass switch will pop, but it will seem to work. HOWEVER, an amplified (headphone) output will cause permanent damage to your Ventilator over time!

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