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MIPA 2012

Date:2020/1/13 17:58:35 Hits:

At a ceremony held on March 22, the 13th annual MIPAs (Musikmesse International Press Award) were presented to the industry. For the MIPAs, journalists from more than 100 magazines vote for the best music and pro audio equipment of the year in more than 40 categories.

Congratulations to all of the companies from the Sweetwater family who walked away with awards!

Best Innovative Product
Kemper Profiling Amplifier (Now also available in black!)

Bass Amp — Fender Super Bassman

Bass Cabinet — Ampeg PN-410HLF

Acoustic Drums — Tama SLP Sound Lab Project snare drums
Cymbals — Zildjian K Constantinople Renaissance Ride
Drum Hardware — DW 9900 Air Lift Tom Stand
Drumheads — Remo X14
Drumsticks — Vic Firth Gavin Harrison Signature Sticks

Electronic Drums — Roland V-Drums TD-30

Electric Guitar — PRS SC58
Acoustic Guitar — Yamaha AC3M
Guitar Amp Combo — Yamaha THR10
Guitar Effects — TC Electronic TonePrint series
Pickups — Seymour Duncan Zephyr Silver Pickups
Acoustic Guitar Amp — Fishman Loudbox Artist

Strings — D’Addario XL Pure Nickel Electric

Synthesizer Hardware — Roland Jupiter-80
Stage Piano — Clavia Nord Piano 2
Keyboard Workstation — Korg Kronos
Controller Keyboard — Akai Professional MAX49
Software Instruments — Native Instruments Komplete 8
Organ/Portable Keyboard — Hammond SK series

Live Perfomance Tool — Native Instruments Maschine

Portable Sound — Yamaha DXR/DXS series
PA-System — JBL VTX
Live Microphone/IEM/Wireless Systems — Sennheiser SK5212

Sound System Technologies — Yamaha StageMix/iPad

Studio Monitor (Nearfield) — Focal SM9
Recording Software — Avid Pro Tools 10
Recording Hardware — Universal Audio Apollo
Mixing Desk (Project Studio) — PreSonus StudioLive
Field Recorder — Zoom H2n
DAW Controller — Akai Professional MPC Studio

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