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What are the abbreviations of radio data system?

Date:2019/11/19 10:30:57 Hits:

RDS has been successfully in use for many years,. However there are many RDS acronyms or abbreviations that are used with RDS.

The RDS acronyms can be confusing as they are not always mentioned in the literature associated with a particular radio, or the instruction manual may be lost.

The common RDS acronyms and abbreviations relate to the various operational modes and facilities. These RDS acronyms are widely used in view of the fact that within countries that have adopted the system, most car radios today incorporate RDS as standard.


AF Alternative Frequencies
A list of a station's frequencies in adjacent transmitter areas.
CT Clock Time and Date
Data containing time and date information so that the receiver can display. Using this signal has the advantage over a self-contained clock in the radio that it adjusts itself to changes between BST and GMT (UTC) and it does not loose or gain time.
DI Decoder Information
This signal allows for miscellaneous function in the radio to be controlled.
EON Enhanced Other Networks
Information transmitted giving the radio a cross-reference to other stations for Travel service and other features.
MS Music/Speech
This allows for the relative levels of speech and music to be altered.
PI Programme Identification
This is a station code used in conjunction with AF data to provide automatic tuning to the best signal for a chosen service.
PIN Programme Identification Number
This signal identifies a given programme and allows the radio to turn itself (and possibly a recorder) on for that programme.
PTY Programme Type Selection
A signal which allows for the selection of listening by one of 15 types of programme rather than by the station.
PS Programme Service Name
A signal which enables the name of the station to be displayed.
RT Radio Text
This allows information about the programme to be displayed by the radio.
TDC Transparent Data Channel
This allows for data to downloaded via RDS.
TP/TA Travel Service
These signals enable the travel information to be heard, regardless of the choice of listening.

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