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Fixing TV Reception Issues

Date:2019/9/26 9:56:57 Hits:

Poor TV and radio reception can be caused by a range of factors, including weak signal coverage, inadequate or broken antennas or other equipment, and interference.

The vast majority of all television reception issues are caused by viewers choosing to watch the wrong television transmission sites, and using inadequate, old or degraded external antennas.

Less often, your television reception may be affected by interference or signal overload from other sources. But it’s important to remember that if you don’t have an appropriate television receiving system, you need to fix your antenna before looking for interference.

Who’s responsible for fixing poor reception?
Hopefully the information on our website will help you to determine why you’re having reception problems. Some of these factors are your responsibility to address, so if you think the reason is related to your television reception equipment or interference from appliances in your home, the next step is to call in your local expert to diagnose the problem and suggest a solution.

External interference is when an unwanted signal from outside your home competes with the television signal, affecting your reception. The source of external interference is outside your home and beyond your ability to control.

How do I request help for my TV interference?
Eliminate other potential causes of reception difficulties. The information on the pages What external factors affect our TV reception? and will help you distinguish between common reception problems and the different types of interference, and to identify any problems with devices inside your home. If you think your problems are caused by factors like power lines and street lights, you should contact your electricity supplier directly.
Contact an antenna installer to check your TV reception system and installation. The installer will be able to confirm your reception problems are the result of external interference and not power line interference.

We consider the following factors when deciding how to help you resolve your interference problem:
If the interference is seriously degrading or repeatedly interrupting TV or radio reception.
What measures you’ve taken to ensure you’re receiving the best possible broadcast signal, in order to minimise the effect of the interference.
When the source of the interference is known, if you’ve made reasonable attempts to resolve the problem directly.
If there is a practical solution to the problem.
Whether the interference is affecting multiple homes or areas.

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