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The Solution for FMUSER 5.8G 100KM DSTL Digital Studio Transmitter Link

Date:2019/5/29 15:52:47 Hits:

This solution is for FMUSER 5.8G 100KM DSTL Studio Transmitter Link, see as below:

The features of this solution:

1. 5.8G Digital HD Video DSTL Wireless IP Point to Point Link.

2. 100KM ultra long-distance audio and video transmission.

3. Using Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) mode for transmission to minimize the delay.

4. All devices are equipped with network control functions, just need a computer can monitor the work of the entire link (includes transmitting tower end and studio end).

The picture of DSTL:

If you have any inquiry about FM/TV/STL/IPTV please feel free to contact us via Email:, we will make a suitable proposal for you.

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