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Alctron HA4 Professional 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier

Date:2019/3/6 15:58:39 Hits:

HA4 is a compact 4-way headphone amplifier from a DC power adapter power supply. The biggest advantage of this product is that there are four channels can be used simultaneously, each channel equips with separate volume control knob, the user can monitor the process more easily into Line regulation. All the studio wants to have a more flexible headphone amplifier, and sometimes want to come out of the stereo signal mixer evenly distributed to multiple headsets, and sometimes you want multiple headphone signal can also listen on different channels, HA4 can be very a better solutionto these problems is the ideal companion headphone listening.

* 4 channel headphone amplifier
* Input connector: 3.5mm
* Input Impedance: 100KΩ (unbalance)
* Max output level: +22dB
* Output connector: 6.35mm stereo
* Output Impedance: Minimum 47Ω each channel
* Max gain: 10dB each channel
* Signal to Noise Ratio: >98dB

* Power supply: 12V DC adaptor

Size: 5.8 x 10.5 x 3.3cm

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