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ROLLS RS80 Broadcast Professional Receiver, Tuner

Date:2019/3/5 17:23:24 Hits:


The ROLLS RS80 is a digital PLL quartz frequency-locked AM/FM tuner. The RS80 also features a headphone monitor and balanced stereo output and RCA output. Built-in battery to ensure preset memory, standard 19" rack panel for factory installation.


Power off memory retention
Large LCD screen
Automatic search on or under
30 presets, 18 FM and 12 AM
Standard 1U cabinet size chassis
Headphone output, XLR balanced output and signal display level (RS79 models only)
Infrared remote control


AM part:
Tuning range: 522 to1620kHz
IF frequency: 450kHz
Sensitivity: 28dB
Automatic search sensitivity: 41dB
Signal to noise ratio at 5mV/M: 46dB
6dB width: 7kHz
Image rejection: 42dB
A.C.A.+/-9kHz: 46dB
AGC role: 43dB
Distortion rate at 5uV/M: 0.40%

Wireless input impedance: 300 ohms

FM part:

Tuning range: 87.5 to108MHz
3dB suppression level: 12dB
Image rejection: 53dB
Mono sensitivity 1HF: 9dB
Selection range: (-70KHz; +90KHz)
1mV mono signal to noise ratio: 52dB
1mV40kHz distortion rate: 0.18%
Stereo separation: 28dB
Automatic search sensitivity: 23dB
AM suppression mode: 52dB

Antenna input impedance: 75 ohms

Size: 482mm*45mm*120mm

Weight: 3.2kg

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