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Inovonics 635 for Remote Signal Monitoring FM Signal Receiver

Date:2019/3/5 16:13:13 Hits:

The INOmini 635 is a remote signal monitoring FM signal receiver with a browser page. Deploy it at the transmitter site or any critical geographic location, it can collect information and send radio or wired audio to any computer, tablet or mobile device. The browser page enables remote adjustment, display of audio levels and RDS data, and recording of signal parameters. Parameters and alerts can be sent via email, SMS and SNMP. The INOmini635 also supports Rolling Monitoring Station RotationTM, which traverses stored presets and sends alarms according to their respective settings. Come and experience the powerful remote control of INOmini635. Just follow the link in the web browser to control a device in California: After entering the webpage, you will see the effect as shown below. You can also listen to live broadcasts by clicking the play button.

Main Feature
• Remote monitoring
• Roll monitoring Station RotationTM, traverse preset channels and monitor their parameters, and send alarms based on preset parameters.
• FM band: 64MHz to 108MHz.
• Also supports monitoring of analog signals, AUX input connectors
• Dynamic web pages with detailed parameters at a glance.
• Play live shows via web pages.
• Record Received Signal Strength (RSSI), audio loss, RDS error.
• Send error messages via email/sms and support SNMP services.
• Measure the strength of the audio signal to help diagnose errors.
• Easy to set up and use.
• With a headphone jack.
• The upgrade package can be downloaded from the official website for firmware upgrade.

FM range: Extended band FM: 64MHz to 108MHz, stepping 100kHz.
Antenna input: 75 ohm 'F'.
Receiver sensitivity: SNR ≤ 10uV with 50dB mono.
Audio frequency response: ±1 dB, 30 Hz-15 kHz in the case of 50 μS/75 μs de-emphasis.
Analog signal input: Balanced analog signal (XLR) input that can be adjusted remotely or on the panel to +4dBu or -10dBu equivalent to 0dBu input.
Network connection: RJ-45 interface, TCP/IP LAN connection, and connected to the Internet via a router.
Power: 12VDC, 200 mA (2.1mm x 5.5mm coaxial cable), the instrument comes with an external switching power supply.
Mounting options: An optional rack mounts three instruments in a single 19inch, 1U standard rack.

Dimensions and weight: 40.64mm high x 139.7mm wide x 139.7mm long. Shipping weight is 3.62 kg.

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