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Telos' new Zephyr Xport POST+ISDN codec can be used in the field with a common analog telephone line connected to its studio Zephyr Xstream ISDN codec. It uses the world's highest fidelity low bit rate encoding method: aacPlus, which allows people to enjoy high-pitched and unvoiced FM sound quality audio, including language and music, on an analog phone line. Because the studio side is digitally connected to ISDN, the performance of its modem is much more reliable than the solution that uses only POTS.

It comes with a dedicated DSP-based modem that maximizes audio signal performance optimization. Its integrated mixer handles two inputs and includes a back-mixing mixer that mixes local audio and remote mix feeds. It also includes a multi-band automatic gain control and limiter that works in concert with the audio codec.

The Xport/Xstream combination is a very easy to use, high performance, high quality transmission system for ISDN and general telephone digital coding.

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