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[Video] How to install High Gain Outdoor FU-DV1 FM Dipole Antenna for 300w/350w/600w/1kw FM transmitter?

Date:2018/11/2 19:16:18 Hits:

FU-DV1 Dipole Antenna is widely used for 300w/350w/600w/1kw FM transmitter. Do you know how to install FU-DV1 Antenna? Don't worry, our engineer will teach you step by step. Click the video now!

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* side-mount low-loss
* Broadband Antennas
* vertical polarization
* stainless steel
* DC Grounding
Technical  Specification:
1. Frequency Range:87-108 MHz(we can make either full band/fixed frequency)
2. Input Impedance: 50 ohm
3. VSWR:<1.3 (full band),<1.10(fixed frequency)
4. Gain:1.5 dB
5. Polarization:Verticality
6. The antenna array unit is particularly suitable for forming a variety of radiation pattern
7. Maximum Power Input-watts:1KW/3KW/5KW/10KW
8. Lighting Protection: Direct Grounding
9. Connector: L27-50K(1KW), IF45-50K(3KW), IF70-50K(5KW), IF110-50K(10KW)
10. Dimension:1415×1100×70 mm(L/W/D)
11. Weight: 7KG
12. Rated Wind Velocity: 200 km/h
13. Radiating Element Material:Aluminum Alloy
14. Holding Pole Diameter: 50-100 mm

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