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How to return goods to us for repair?

Date:2016/12/10 15:02:03 Hits:
If there is problems with our product and you can't fix it at your end, you can send it back to us for repair following the instructions below:

1. Please contact us before sending back the item.
2. Please declare goods as CAR AUDIO AMPLIFIER, value below 300usd.
3. Please inform us the tracking number after you send the item out. 
4. Please attach a paper indicating the time you purchased this item, the problem with the item and your contact information.

1. Please don't send it back without contacting us in advance.
2. Please don't declare it as FM TRANSMITTER, TV TRANSMITTER or other names with the word of TRANSMITTER.
3. Please don't declare it as repair product. 

4. Please don't declare it the real price when the value is over 500usd. 

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Mob: +86 18613072427

Address: Room305, HuiLanGe, No.273 HuangPu Road West, TianHe District., GuangZhou, China, 510620

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